Concealed hinge 3-way adjustable



Load capacity:  80 kg / 2 pcs

Height: 160mm

Width: frame:28mm / leaf:28 mm

Depth: frame: 31mm / leaf: 33.5mm

Min. Door Thickness: 40mm  chart

Router Bit Diameter: 24mm

Continuously Adjustable in 3 Dimensions

Interior Doors Toronto: Reliable and Best Provider of Interior Doors Right for You

To create a well-designed, appropriate and functional space, the right access points should always be observed. Interior doors are considered to be the primary access points to your home wherein people usually move from one place to another.  To make your house more comfortable and safer to live in, interior doors should be utilized and located properly. Come visit our showroom for great prices and deals

If you are in need of the best interior door for your residential and commercial property, then Interior Doors Toronto is here to help. They are well-known as one of the most reliable and most professional companies to offer interior door products and services right for you along with our Concealed Hinge

Different Models and Makes of Interior Doors with Concealed Hinge

Good thing about Interior Doors Toronto is that they are offering interior doors with various models and makes. This only means to say that you have the freedom to choose from among the interior doors that they offer and suit your needs. They are also highly specialized in customizing your interior doors if you really wanted to.

Interior doors

that we are offering are made from high quality materials that last. The main difference only is more on the design or style of their interior woods. While some of their doors are made of bi-folded and sliding, most of their interior doors are on its conventional and swing type. But, you’re assured that at Interior Doors Toronto, you can always find the best interior door you wanted to have.

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