Modern Shaker Style Interior Door Frosted Glass

Modern Shaker Style Interior Door Frosted Glass | Installation | Interior Doors Toronto

Modern Door Design by Interior Doors Toronto

Manufactured and designed in Toronto, Ontario

Door Installed in Toronto, Ontario.

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Modern Shaker Style Interior Door Frosted Glass

  • Available in Walnut and White Oak
  • Wood has been carefully kiln dried
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Pre-hung and pre-finish options available
  • For single door only (slab)
  • Ontario Price
  • Price subject to change without notice


24″ x 80″ $450.00
30″ x 80″ $455.00
32 x 80″ $460.00
36 x 80″ $465.00

24″ x 96″ $500.00
30″ x 96″ $515.00
32 x 96″ $525.00
36 x 96″ $535.00

Modern Shaker Style Interior Door Frosted Glass

From versatile colors, crafted carvings, and high-quality materials, modern interior doors are the latest door construction and designs. They are crafted to adapt to the rapid changes of designs for the home improvement, providing a different approach to styles.
This is mostly preferred by homeowners who want to add a flair to the space of the area while maintaining the unique fundamentals of modern styles. The finishing touches provide a mood enhancing and appealing effect to anyone who sees it.
Currently, most interior doors are the platform of the utilitarian, anti-clutter, and light ambiance of a home. Therefore, it promotes minimal architectural touches while maintaining the elegance of the surroundings. It is best described to have a smooth design which is efficiently crafted to suit the theme of the home.

A Wide Array of Designs

Our Modern Shaker Style Interior Door Frosted Glass are available in a range of designs. Whether or not you consider the interior designs of your home, our products are the right solution you can ever have. We totally stand out among our seasoned and potential competitors in this challenging industry. Having skilled professional craftsmen, we can go beyond all your expectations in our modern interior designs.
For the latest information and the most responsive discounts, call us at 416-628-1427 or go to Our customer service team is glad to assist you with dedication. As a matter of fact, our workforce is well-known for being friendly and professional. Rest assured that we can handle all your requirements. Be one of our valuable clients now and see how our modern interior doors can transform your entire home.

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