Traditional Five Panel | Interior door

Traditional Five Panel | Interior door  | Interior Doors Toronto

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Traditional Five Panel | Interior door

  • Can be used in interior/exterior applications
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Pre-hung and pre-finish options available
  • For single door only (slab)
  • Ontario Price
  • Price subject to change without notice


24″ x 80″ $450.00
30″ x 80″ $455.00
32 x 80″ $460.00
36 x 80″ $465.00

24″ x 96″ $500.00
30″ x 96″ $515.00
32 x 96″ $525.00
36 x 96″ $535.00

Traditional Five Panel | Interior door

Through these materials, a wide variety of carving ornamentation is offered. Wide selections of styles allow you to create an appealing and homey ambiance from the entrance of your rooms. You can even customize the appearance of your desire from different vintage designs. You can also make the appearance of your doors that resembles from the styles that appear long ago.

Each interior door is built to last long, maintaining their appearance and quality to withstand any tearing and wearing instances. Whether you would like to achieve a finishing touch with elegance or a period look, even its accessories like handles, latches, hinges, or knobs match the fit and design you want to achieve.

Traditional Five Panel | Interior door

Since the length and width are considerable factors to produce a perfect fit to your doorway, it is extremely important that the door is properly configured to make it function properly as well. It does not only need a flawless design, but it should also be well-fitted to prevent it from malfunctioning.

Picking one of the best designs of the traditional interior doors will give you a cost-effective way of preserving them. This is to ensure that maintenance will be less costly and it match the traditional style of your home as well. t 416-628-1427 or go to Our customer service team is glad to assist you with dedication. As a matter of fact, our workforce is well-known for being friendly and professional. Rest assured that we can handle all your requirements. Be one of our valuable clients now and see how our modern interior doors can transform your entire home.

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