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Door trim

is an essential molding that surrounds the frame of the door and covers the joints between the wall and the frame. It helps distinguish the architectural design of a door and it always matter when it comes to selecting a door to match the theme of your home.


Trim Carpentry

The easy way to ensure the interior door is perfectly fitted to the doorway, its trim carpentry should be worked on meticulously. Making the tight joints and sharp corners require a skill and balance calculation to make the door function consistently since it is the most used part of your home.

The purpose of trim

is to add depth and detail of the door. Details always matter to complete the character of the home. It helps in distinguishing the character and style of an architecture from each other.

There are cases when you want to remodel your home, and having an interior trim can embellish the look of an area. It also gives each room a stronger and personalized identity.

Trim Carpentry

Colonial style

is one example of a design of a house wherein you also need to match it with the same design of the door.  A distinguishable trim will highlight the value of the woodwork as it emphasizes each proportion of the door.

Adding a decorative strip and smooth molding can enhance the thickness of the trim. It is also helpful in hiding ragged or rough edges of a plaster or a drywall around the door. It also sharpens the appearance of doors to make them look popped-out.

Door trims are best paired with walls that are painted in neutral colors. It is not just a decorative detail for the door, but it is also provides aesthetic benefits when it comes to covering the edges of the frame of the door.

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